I cannot remember my reference number
To receive a reminder of your reference number, please type in your email address here

How do I register for sessions or change my session selection?
To select the sessions for your attendance at Connect, go to http://linaro.co/BUD17, click on Modify Registration then log in with your email address and reference number. You can then add or remove sessions as required.

How do I view my schedule?
Click on My schedule above to see your personal schedule, which is the combination of the sessions you have selected and meetings you have either booked yourself or been invited to.

How do I book meetings?
If you need to book a meeting with other attendees at Connect, there is a simple how-to guide available (http://linaro.co/how-to-book) which you should read before going to http://linaro.co/book-meeting and booking your meeting.

We are aware there are limitations with the platform, we are working with eTouches to resolve these in future:
  • Meetings only appear in the mobile app once all attendees have responded (by either accepting or declining the invitation).
  • You cannot delete an attendee once he/she has been invited to a meeting
Here are some workarounds to ensure you can view all your meetings:

iCal Export: to view all of your meetings and sessions, please use the iCal export from linaro.co/view-schedule. The URL from the iCal button can also be used as a feed URL for Google and other platforms to consume. It is also possible to download as a one-off export for importing into anything that doesn't work with iCal feed URLs.

Force visibility of meeting: As administrators, we can change the status of attendees in meetings to confirmed to force visibility of the meeting. Each attendee can then decline the invite if they want to. Please contact connect@linaro.org if you would like us to implement this for you.

Where do I download the app?
To download the app: http://linaro.co/connect-apple for iOS and http://linaro.co/connect-android for Android.
Alternatively, you can use http://linaro.co/connect-mobile which can be viewed in any web browser on a smartphone or computer.

Remember - your password is your registration number.

While you will be able to view both your sessions and meetings in the app, only meetings which have been responded to by all invited parties will appear.

We hope this information helps. If you have any additional questions please contact connect@linaro.org

Kind regards

The Events Team