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Please find below a draft agenda, consult the website regularly to view any updates.


09:00-09:15: Opening by the moderator

09:15-09:30: Keynote speech by HRVP Josep Borrell

09:30-10:30: High-level panel on FIMI as a CFSP challenge.

Information manipulation can be seen as anything from a communications problem to a platform policy problem to a hard security problem. The idea of this panel is to unpack the security and foreign policy aspects of FIMI.

10:30-10:50: Coffee break

10:50-11:35: Panel on situational awareness.

The aim of the panel is to frame the biggest external threats, and promote the EEAS’s behaviour-first approach to monitoring and analysis of FIMI. The panel will also provide an opportunity to hear from the leading experts in the field on their work and the latest trends in Open Source Intelligence.

11:35-11:45: Lighting talk

11:45-12:30: Panel on building resilience to FIMI.

As raising resilience to FIMI is by definition a whole-of-society effort, the aim of the panel is exactly that – to highlight the role and work of different parts of the society (i.e. journalists, CSOs and tech companies) in building our readiness to stand against information manipulation.

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:15: Panel on regulation and disruption.

The aim of the panel is to highlight the latest developments in the EU’s regulatory work in this area, but also to look at other forms of disrupting the activities of FIMI actors.

14:15-14:25: Lighting talk

14:25-15:10: Panel on foreign policy responses.

The aim of the panel is to look at the options that diplomacy offers in countering FIMI with a focus on the country in the front and center of Russia’s FIMI efforts – Ukraine.

15:10-15:40: Coffee break

15:40-16:30: Panel on partner regions.

The aim of the panel is to zoom in on key regions, such as the Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans, Middle East and North Africa, and countries with active Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions. While all these regions are have their own challenges, threats posed by the biggest FIMI actors have much in common.

16:30-16:45: Closing remarks

16:45-17:00: Conclusion and wrap-up

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