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British Embassy Oslo and Kongsberg Innovation presents:

How do we accelerate adoption of technology
for our future cities?

The British Embassy in Oslo and Kongsberg Innovation are excited to welcome pioneering entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, public and private sector interested in the booming field of smart cities to our event during Oslo Innovation Week 2022.

By attending this event you will get to meet, learn, and mingle with some of our most experienced and innovative business leaders in Norway and the UK.

The event will combine inspirational speeches, panel discussions and pitches on scaling for global success, future cities, and the green transition.

 Meet and share experiences and thoughts on:

  • The state of technology in smart cities: Innovation & sector trends to watch
  • The business route to global leadership in smart city technology
  • Building bridges across the pond for our projects
  • How the public and private sector can collaborate

As a leading global hub for technology and R&D, the UK has long pioneered technological advancements within the smart city sector by utilising its thriving ecosystem and international talent pool.

Across the pond, the Nordics are growing at rapid speed benefiting from an arguably unique symbiotic relationship of: tech-savvy, trusting consumers using rapidly-deployed, highly agile, digital services and technical solutions.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022
14:00 – 16:00 CET
Location: Faksen Bar, Oslo, Norway
Tags: Scaling, ClimateTech

Our format will combine content on scaling for global success and the opportunity to network with UK and Norwegian stakeholders.

This event will take place in-person only.

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This event is part of a wider campaign called Growing Green Together created by the British embassies to the Nordic and Baltic region to highlight and connect technologies, research and innovation that pushes the green transition.


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