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Overview of participation opportunities

Opportunities currently open within the Expression of Interest process span both the Blue Zone and the Green Zone. They range from hosting events and securing exhibition space, to installations that leave a lasting legacy. The COP26 team will allocate successful proposals to the most appropriate space across the Summit.
Demand is expected to be high, and opportunities will be limited. We encourage collaborative proposals where possible and proposals which seek to amplify the voices, concerns and priorities of vulnerable groups, those most impacted by climate change, including but not limited to women, Indigenous Peoples, those with disabilities, young people and faith groups. 
Within the Blue Zone we are looking for proposals that reflect our key themes through events such as workshops, panel discussions or thought leadership sessions.

The Green Zone will be a stakeholder-led space and act as a key hub for engagement during the Summit. As such we are keen to see proposals that drive participation and interaction focused on the themes of climate change.
We will also be showcasing the arts and culture and as such welcome expressions of interest from these groups. 
The expression of interest process for these opportunities is now open. The deadline for applications is 17:00 GMT, Friday 5 March 2021.
Specific details of the opportunities currently open for expressions of interest can be found here. Proposals will be assessed against these criteria.
The COP26 team will allocate successful proposals to the most appropriate space across the Summit.

How else can I get involved?

Together for Our Planet

In the run-up to COP26, we are looking to work with UK organisations to mobilise all of society to engage with COP26 and take ambitious climate action ahead of the summit. That is why we’ve launched the Together for Our Planet campaign.

Many people from all over the UK are already doing their bit on climate change, from the engineers working on the offshore wind farms now powering our homes and businesses, to local initiatives encouraging children and parents to walk to school. We want to celebrate them and inspire more people to join them, and we will be showcasing these initiatives and organisations at the Summit.
For further information, and to see how you can get involved, visit the website or contact us at TogetherforOurPlanet@cabinetoffice.gov.uk 

Sponsorship opportunities

We are keen to work with businesses who wish to lend their resources, commitment and expertise to COP26. These organisations must have ambitious, short-term climate action plans and strong sustainability credentials. Further sponsorship information can be found on the website.

UNFCCC opportunities

Detailed below are opportunities available within the Blue Zone, and managed by the UNFCCC, solely for accredited Parties and Organisations.
Pavilions: UNFCCC accredited parties and organisations will be able to apply for Pavilion space in Summer 2021. Accredited parties and organisations will be notified of this in Summer 2021.

Side events: UNFCCC accredited parties and organisations are able to book space in the Blue Zone to host side events. Accredited parties and organisations will be notified of this by the UNFCCC in Summer 2021.
Exhibition Space: There will be a number of exhibition spaces within the Blue Zone open to accredited parties and organisations. Accredited parties and organisations will be provided with further details  by the UNFCCC in Summer 2021.

Glasgow City Council opportunities

Volunteer programme: A team of host city volunteers will be recruited to contribute to the event’s success. The programme will provide a unique opportunity for friendly, enthusiastic people with a passion for climate change to play their part and represent their country to the rest of the world. Find out more about the volunteering opportunities available.
Host City Zone: there will be a number of events taking place in the Host City Zone which will provide opportunities for content creation and collaboration. Content will be curated with key partners so opportunities will be limited. Please visit the Glasgow City Council website for more information.
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