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COP26 Presidency Themes

The UK is committed to fulfilling the potential of the Paris Agreement by facilitating a balanced negotiated outcome that accelerates climate action, including by encouraging Parties to submit ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and long-term strategies, increased commitments on climate finance and real economy change.

The UK is also seeking to bring governments, business, civil society and young people together to accelerate progress on the following shared challenges of climate change:
  • Adaptation and resilience - to help communities adapt to, and prepare for, the worst impacts of climate change.
  • Nature based solutions - to safeguard and restore natural habitats and ecosystems to preserve the planet’s biodiversity.
  • Energy transitions - to accelerate the clean energy transition by encouraging the use of cheaper renewables and storage.
  • Clean transport - to clean our air by speeding up the global transition to zero emission vehicles.
  • Finance - to encourage our financial systems to be cleaner to unlock growth and create green jobs.
Further detail on the themes is available here.
For the purposes of involvement at the Summit and the Expression of Interest process, we are also looking for proposals relating to: 
  • Cities and built environment - to unlock the key role that cities and buildings play in the pathways to net zero.
As Presidency, we will look to shine a light on solutions and innovation by state and non-state actors, and ensure the latest science on climate change impacts as well as the co-benefits of climate action underpin discussions at COP26.
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