Venture Capital Matchmaking

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Connecting venture capitalists with opportunities in Europe

As the 3rd largest country in the world for tech investment, and the premier destination in Europe for venture capital, the UK is the natural home for every ambitious tech business looking to scale-up.

Often, access to capital can be one of the key barriers to international expansion and global success.

The UK’s Department for Business and Trade has developed an initiative to connect the UK’s venture capitalists with live investment opportunities from across Europe, Central Asia & Israel.

Our aim is to facilitate more connections between the best young companies, those seeking the capital needed to internationalise their businesses, and the rich network of funders across the UK.

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Why invest in the UK?

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The Department for Business and Trade sits at the heart of the UK government. Our aim is to leverage the UK’s political stability and position as a global leader to help overseas businesses, investors and buyers successfully do business in the UK.

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