Support Operational Readiness and be Disruptive: New Imperatives for C5ISR Technologies in NATO and the EU

6 - 7 June 2024

at BluePoint, Brussels




The Programme Overview is now available.

While long-term technological superiority in support of deterrence was highest on the agenda for NATO and EU for quite some time, operational readiness, improvement of warfighting capabilities, and short-term availability of technology in the C5ISR field gained significant importance in the wake of the current political and military situation in Europe. Tensions are high, war is around the corner.

Trying to keep up with the dynamic development in IT and Cyber technologies in the private sector and sustainable support via solid and secure supply chains add to the challenges of today.

Actual wars with high relevance for Europe, like the Ukraine war and the Gaza conflict, offer deep insights into the new elements of warfighting, and its rapidly changing requirements. Unconventional solutions and methods for implementing information technology in the broadest sense for defence may become the new standard.

There is a growing appetite for the immediate availability of sensors, data, and effectors, thus affecting architecture, computing systems, algorithms, software, and many more C5ISR elements. The inclusion of combat systems platforms widens the scope into an inter-connected C6ISR “world”, the growing role of software is mirrored by the concept of Software Defined Defence.

The Brussels community of defence IT experts in each of the NATO, EU institutions, national representations, industry and academia may be aware of the current situation, relevant to their daily work. The exchange between them, however, on new developments, requirements, projects and possibilities in C5ISR, as a whole, will be most beneficial to everybody, gaining views the big picture beyond institutional boundaries will be supported by a networking conference and exhibition such as TechNet International. New faces may be welcomed, and upcoming business opportunities may be explored during the two days of the conference. Mutual understanding of chances, risks and challenges can be fostered.

Information about strategic initiatives, plans, and policies by NATO and EU officials will be complemented by updates on running projects such as DIANA and HEDI.

In order to encourage discussions and have exchanges on new developments, IT applications and technologies, the following topics will be discussed during sessions at TechNet International 2024. They should offer a broad basis for presentations, discussions and ethical exchange in an exemplary way. While advancing with the programme, new elements may be integrated.