The UK is world-leading with many innovations changing the face of healthcare, life sciences and chemicals.

As a UK Government department, we are here to support and connect UK companies to overseas opportunities. Our campaign projects connects with our expert teams in 96 Embassies all around the globe.

We would like to hear from international private or public organisations who are interested in buying UK products and solutions.

Healthy Ageing Campaign

What the UK has to offer

Digital Health Campaign

What the UK has to offer

Net Zero Campaign

What the UK has to offer

We are in the business of understanding the demands and opportunities in markets around the world. If you are planning large or small projects, we can support you with UK solutions and innovations.



We are specialists in setting up partnerships around the world.


The Department for International Trade has offices in over 100 markets worldwide, so you can benefit from our local expertise. We engage with organisations globally at trade missions and events and bespoke C-suite and G2G meetings.

The UK's expertise in healthcare and life sciences has been grouped into these categories:

Education & Training

Multidisciplinary clinical E&T
Leadership & management
Consultancy & advisory


Medicines manufacturing
Medicinal products
Clinical research
Advanced therapies
Discovery biosciences

Digital Health

Self-Care & wellness
Diagnostics & imaging
Data-driven technologies
Technology enabled care
Digital medicine

Infrastructure Services

Healthcare facilities: design, build,
operate & equip
Surge & emergency facilities
Project management &
technical support
Wider built & healthcare environment
Public Private Partnerships,
financial & delivery models

Medical Technology

Medical technologies
Health technologies
Wound care
Lab tech/Surgical Equipment

Clinical Services

Mental health
Integrated care
Primary care
Urgent and Emergency Care
Women’s & children’s health