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Healthcare UK

The UK: Your Partner for Healthcare Education and Training

Healthcare systems around the world are increasingly recognising the need for more accessible, affordable and patient-centric services. 

  • The UK's world-class system of healthcare education and training champions life-long learning and empowers healthcare professionals to continually develop their skills
  • The UK is especially adept at forging collaborations between public and private sector, academia and professional bodies, allowing healthcare organisations to gain new skills and insight at a rapid pace.
  • The emphasis on collaboration and healthcare professional training has allowed the UK to become a global expert in managing the shifting needs in healthcare

Leading the way in providing the better patient experiences in healthcare.

Healthcare UK works with NHS organisations, academia, government organisations and private healthcare organisations to provide the best of British Healthcare.

We want to partner and share our learnings on how to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and run more efficient healthcare that delivers the optimum clinical services.

We work across many countries worldwide to share our knowledge – driven to constantly improve healthcare for the global good.

Current topics that are at the forefront of the UK:

  • The UK’s cutting-edge research, including opportunities in cell and gene therapy
  • Changing the face of healthcare through innovations in Digital Health throughout the patients journey and through to clinical care, through drawing on data and first hand experiences within the NHS’s hospitals.
  • Building resilience in hospitals through Health Systems Strengthening and how we can work with others to make improvements in the continuum of care.
  • Large scale projects for infrastructure opportunities.
  • How innovative regulation can make a difference to this ecosystem.

The NHS Export Collaborative

The NHS Export Collaborative, has been established through a dedicated unit in Healthcare UK (HCUK) and is a joint initiative with NHSEI, DHSC and DIT. The NHS Export Collaborative was committed to by the NHS in the 2019 NHS Long Term Plan and will build upon HCUK's existing support to the NHS and its network of international relationships.

The NHS Export Collaborative has been established to make it easier for NHS organisations to collaborate in exporting healthcare expertise overseas and to contribute to global health outcomes.

It responds to global demand for innovation and successful service models as countries face rising demand for a clinically effective, sustainable and technically advanced health systems.

The NHS is highly regarded internationally, and with a growing demand for advice from overseas governments and institutions, the NHS Export Collaborative will provide NHS organisations greater support in sharing their innovation and expertise overseas.

The Export Catalyst

The Healthcare UK Export Catalyst has five key service areas, offering a range of products to suit all needs and budgets, no matter where you are on your export journey.

We offer unique services to suit all needs and budgets, no matter where you are on your export journey.

Our team can help challenge your thinking and inspire you to maximise international opportunities by building a sustainable and scalable model for your business overseas.

For example, our International strategy development module will help you to clearly articulate your vision and ambitions into a clear strategy with actionable outputs and clearly defined responsibilities and resourcing plans.

We will also provide activities and input to support proposition development by department.

The proposition development will provide a view of departmental options for international work, with USPs and a view of priority for any NHS organisation.

Why Export?

Exporting your services can result in dramatically increasing your income.


Working overseas can provide extremely valuable learning experiences and can help develop formal research partnerships.


The opportunity for working overseas aids recruitment of high calibre staff it also brings more breadth to your organisation. It helps to attract high calibre staff pas well as assisting with retaining current staff. It also helps with motivation once staff begin to see the benefit coming back into the organisation.


The NHS is the most famous healthcare service in the world. Sharing our expertise ensures more people benefit from world-class care promoting UK values.


This is a clear benefit to organisations as successfully delivering work overseas raises the profile of your organisation both here in the UK and internationally.

The UK Better Health Programme (BHP)

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) provides technical collaboration with eight partner countries to strengthen their health systems. In the process, we are facilitating new partnerships between health systems and sectors from around the world, including the UK. The programme is a collaboration between the FCDO, NHS Arms-length bodies and the Department for International Trade (DIT).

The BHP aims to address the growing burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), such as heart disease and diabetes and strengthen local health system structures by creating systems to improve quality of care.


Over the last year, the BHP has demonstrated successes in the trade & development approach, driving forward primary UK Aid objectives and secondary benefits for the UK healthcare & life sciences sector, both commercially through exports and non-commercially through health diplomacy.

There is much the UK can share with overseas partners, especially middle-income countries in their journey towards Universal Healthcare and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 on Good Health & Wellbeing.