Side Events

Side events

Each year Arctic Frontiers gathers more than 3500 delegates from 35 countries. During the conference week a number of side events are arranged alongside the main Arctic Frontiers conference program. Our side events and breakout sessions offer a closer look into the topics covered at the main program. This provides a benefit to our partners, delegates and external organisers of side events.

Side event themes are aligned with the Big Picture and Science sessions. This year, we have a number of side events with the following themes:

1. Oceans

Sub topicsGoNorth, UN Ocean Decade, ocean knowledge, sustainable oceans, North Sea Route, ocean and space technology, monitoring.

2. Sustainable Industries

Sub topicsResources, seabed minerals, renewable energies, Arctic Blue economy, Northern resilience, small communities-big projects, socio-economic development.

3. Science to Policy

Sub topicsSuccesses and lessons learned, barriers to effective communication, science diplomacy, Arctic governance.


All participants and organisers of side events at the main venue, Clarion Hotel the Edge, must be registered in our conference registration system.

Conference delegates get free access to the all side events taking place on the same day as they attend the main conference program. 


Charlotte Teresa Weber