AAC Awards 2019

University of Leeds

Friday 11 October

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Description of Awards

The ceremony will feature eight awards, reflecting the diversity of the Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) community, so we hope you might start considering potential nominees for each of the categories. And here they are!

The Jamie Munro Award

An award for an inspiring individual, whose work has had impact across the entire field of AAC. This award is in memory of Jamie Munro, who inspired all he worked with during his career as an AAC supplier and developer.

The Alan Martin Award

An award presented to a person who uses AAC who has made a significant contribution to the arts. This award is dedicated to the memory of Alan Martin, who championed the arts and creative inclusion through his work as a dancer, a musician and comedian.

The AAC Innovation Award

An award given to a particular product, resource or supplier that has demonstrated “outside the box” thinking.

The Rising Star Award

A newcomer to the world of AAC who has made particular impact over the past year.

Setting of the Year

An award for a setting or context that has promoted AAC in a particularly creative or inclusive way.

The Research Award

An award given to a researcher, a published paper or project which has furthered the evidence base around AAC.

The Student Award

An award for a student, project or group in an AAC-related subject which has promoted understanding of AAC in their university, college or community.

Outstanding Community Inclusion

An award for a person or community who have shown exceptional awareness and support for AAC users and their needs.
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How to Nominate

To nominate an individual or group, or to nominate yourself or your organisation for one of the above awards please download the nomination form here and email or post back to the Communication Matters office. Details can be found on the form. The deadline for nominations is 30th August 2019.