Special Events during ICAS 11

The city centre of Leiden will be enveloped in an Asian theme during ICAS 11. Together with Leiden City, Asian Library Leiden University Libraries, Leiden University, Brill, Cicerones, Engaging With Vietnam, Hortus Botanicus, IIAS, Leiden Global, National Museum of Ethnology, Restorient Studio, Sijthoff, Textile Research Centre, Trianon Theatre, and various artists and photographers, the ICAS team has been working on a ‘Leiden Asia Week’ that includes events throughout Leiden city centre that are open to ICAS 11, EWV 11 participants and the general public. There will also be a variety of cultural side events that will be offered to the ICAS 11 badge holders only. Below is an overview of the all different special events.

The 11th Engaging With Vietnam Conference - Vietnam in Europe, Europe in Vietnam: Identity, Transnationality and Mobility of People, Ideas and Practices across Time and Space
Dates: 15 - 18 July 2019
Venue: Oude Sterrewacht

EWV 11 taking place alongside ICAS11 promises to be an exciting experience for EWV 11 participants and ICAS 11 participants in which both sides can engage in a diverse range of scholarly and professional activities that both ICAS and EWV have already built over the years and taken pride in.
Click here for more details and the EWV programme


Asia and Europe: Histories of Entanglement - ICAS 11 Pre-Event is organized by Leiden University College
Date: 15 July 2019
Venue: Leiden University College

The ICAS 11 Pre-Event on 15th July at Leiden University College in The Hague poses crucial questions about collective imaginings, in Asia and Europe, in regard to the historical conditions which shape today’s world at local and global levels. How do the histories of Europe and Asia interact, converge, and diverge? What are the enduring legacies and sentiments of these narratives?
Click here for more details and the Pre-Event programme


Academic Freedom Space
Date: 16 - 19 July 2019
Venue: Sijthof
The ICAS 11 Academic Freedom Space is a platform that seeks to enhance knowledge exchange and discussion about infringements on intellectual and academic freedom. As a publicly accessible space, centrally located at the Hof van Sijthoff (https://www. sijthoff-leiden.nl) and nested within the largest Asia conference in the world, it is made available for exhibiting and discussing recent examples of academic freedom suppression, and for sharing experiences of fear, discrimination, isolation and lack of perspective. The aim is to foster connections and discuss ways to respond, individually and collectively.
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Leiden Asia Week
Dates: 15 – 19 July 2019

The Leiden Asia Week includes cultural events that are open to ICAS 11 badge holders and the general public. 
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ICAS 11 Film Festival
Dates: 16 – 19 July 2019
Venue: Lipsius 0.19 and Trianon Theatre

The ICAS 11 Film Festival – designed to complement ICAS 11 conference proceedings – will showcase documentary films from Asia. From human interest stories to narratives of caste, community and gender violence and exclusion, these films explore the histories, societies, politics and culture of South, South East and Central Asia.
Click here for the Screening schedule and film details.


Special Cultural Events open to ICAS 11 badge holders only
Dates: 15 – 19 July 2019
Venue: Various location in Leiden city centre

ICAS 11/EWV 11 participants will have free access to the list of special cultural events below. Registration is required for each event and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please fill in the registration form by following the link for each specific event you would like to attend.
Please note that all events have a limited number of spots available, so be sure to register soon!

Click here to view the list of cultural events for ICAS 11 and EWV 11 participants or go directly to the overview to register for the specific cultural events.