Circularity for Polymers: The 2nd ICIS Recycling Conference

November 2020 // Europe

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See what some of our past delegates said about our recent R-PET and Polyolefins Circular Economy forums:

“The forum helped raise awareness of audience about various technologies for mechanical and chemical recycling for rPET and efforts being put by Industry to shatter myths around PET and educate consumer.” - Reliance Industries Ltd.

“Despite the Zero Plastics initiative, the need for PET will continue and increase. Antimony remains the key catalyst for PET resin polymerization. More communication is needed on the societal contributions made by PET and balanced with targeted action to improve consumer's use of PET, the responsible disposal of PET, and collection, sorting and recycling of PET. Recycled PET can then re-enter the PET product loop and avoid/reduce the unwanted presence of PET in the environment. Speakers were highly competent and knowledgeable. ICIS organization and venue was very professional.” - International Antimony Association

“An excellent conference with very insightful talks and topics and impactful speakers. I’d go as far as saying that this was your best one yet.” - BP Chemicals Ltd.

“The conference was a perfect panel to gather a lot of information about market developments, trends and future challenges in the polyolefin business.” - Johnson Controls

“The forum provided a good update and highlights of the ongoing developments in PET circularity” - Ginkgo Bioworks
“The conference was very well organized and had a great range of speakers, who conveyed the main trends and issues of the polyolefins market in a punctual and insightful way.” - Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency