Circularity for Polymers: The 2nd ICIS Recycling Conference

November 2020 // Europe

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R-PET Pricing & Analytics for the European market

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ICIS R-PET Pricing & Analytics will help you make clear-sighted business decisions by bringing you the most insightful pricing intelligence, annual data and analytics together in one package.
What's included? 
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Key benefits:

  • Strengthen your negotiating position by gaining clarity on the current and anticipated short-term price movements
  • Identify opportunities to source material beyond your own borders
  • Anticipate price fluctuations and keep up to date with supply and demand in your value chain to inform stock management
  • Present the market situation to your management through an independent and reliable source
  • Pre-empt price fluctuations caused by changes in regulations and other brands’ pledges
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The European governments have set targets for a 55% recycling rate for plastics by 2030, alongside multinational brands increasing their pledges as international demand for bale, flakes and pellets grow.ICIS brings you reliable R-PET market intelligence, going beyond pricing assessments to increase your understanding of the value chain and strengthen your negotiating position within the complex recycling sector.

Already holding the benchmark for European recycled PET, ICIS is a trusted, established and independent voice within the recycled value chain, ready to help you gain clarity on the current and projected short-term price movements.

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