15th Western Hemisphere Regional Conference


Click here to apply for grants to attend 15th Western Hemisphere Regional Conference. 


We hope to be able to support a number of Member Organisations financially who would otherwise be unable to attend the 15th Western Hemisphere Regional Conference. You can apply for the grant while registering for the Conference. 

You can apply for a registration grant, travel grant, accommodation grant, or a combination of the three. Please click here to use our registration page and apply for grants.

The deadline to apply for the grant is 17:00 GMT 08 March 2019. All applicant Member Organisations will be informed of the outcome of their application by 22 March 2019.

Priority will be given to young women and Member Organisation delegations, who would otherwise not be represented.


The allocation of grants will also be subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Member Organisation is not suspended and is up to date with membership fee payments i.e. has paid its 2018 membership fees.
  2. Grants cannot be transferred to another person. In exceptional circumstances, a Member Organisation may apply for a change of beneficiary. This should be done at least two months before the start of the conference.
  3. If the recipient of the grant does not attend the conference, the grant must be reimbursed in its entirety to WAGGGS.
  4. Feedback on the experience will be required at or after the conference in a format which will be confirmed at a later date.


There is also an opportunity to sponsor another Member Organisation in sending their delegates to the Conference by making a contribution to the Western Hemisphere Friends Fund. Any help will be highly appreciated. There will be an opportunity to donate when you register, or you can contact us at WH.ReCo@wagggs.org.