15th Western Hemisphere Regional Conference

Optional Tours


Girl Guides Association of Grenada is offering optional tours to enjoy after the Conference.

If you want to have fun on one of these optional tours make sure you book your place when you register.

Deadline for booking the optional tours is 17:00 (GMT) on 3 May 2019.


River Tubing Adventure


This exciting, guided adventure takes you spinning, splashing and navigating through breathtaking tropical forest along The Great River (locally named Balthazar River) in St. Andrew.  Experience the wonder and beauty of exotic flora and fauna.

  • Protective headgear is provided for each participant.
  • Persons are asked to wear water friendly footwear and to carry along a change of clothing, as this is a watery adventure.
  • A complimentary liquid refreshment is provided for each participant.


Total cost per person: US$104

Please note that the quoted price is applicable for groups of 10 – 15 persons.  If prices increase we will contact you.


Duration: 9:30am to 1:00pm Saturday 13 July 2019.


For more information on River Tubing Adventure, please visit the following websites:





Scuba Diving at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park


You have to dive down there to see them, into a world far removed from the National Gallery of Art. The living sculptures are constantly transforming, as corals grow on them and silt shifts and obliterates their features.

Diving down to The Sculpture Park, Grenada is to enter the island’s secret life, down under!



  • Learn about sculptor Jason De Caires Taylor who created this underwater park
  • Dive Sculpture Park in the Marine Protected Area
  • Amazing photo opportunities


Total Cost per person US$135 includes:

  • Knowledgeable guide

  • Tanks and weights

  • Vests


Snorkelers: Groups of 14 persons

Divers: Groups of 11 persons

If prices increase we will contact you.


Duration: 8:00am to 1: 30pm Saturday 13th July 2019.


Please visit the following websites for further information on Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park:







Scenic Tour of some Natural Features


This tour takes you on an exhilarating ride to Annandale Waterfall, Grand Etang Rainforest, Grand Etang Lake, River Sallee Sulphur Springs, Lake Antoine and culminates with a visit to the Chocolate Factory located to the north of the island. Following this, you can be refreshed at your expense at Belmont Estate, one of Grenada’s finest restaurants.

  • First, experience the local divers as they leap from the highest point of Annandale Waterfall into the calm, cool waters beneath!
  • Then, interact with the Mona monkeys and beautiful, pristine waters, exotic fishes and natural vegetation of the crater lake at Grand Etang!
  • Next, take a plunge or simply wash your face, hands and feet with the soothing and cleansing sulphurous soil of River Sallee Sulphur Springs!
  • Then, see yet another crater lake – Lake Antoine
  • Next, taste and purchase the fabulous world famous Grenada chocolate in all shapes and sizes at Grenada Chocolate Factory.  They make splendid gifts for friends, loved ones and colleagues!
  • Then relax with your favorite local drink and fine Grenadian cuisine at Belmont Estate where one gets a taste of genuine Grenadian cuisine!
  • Finally, relax and bask in the cool ride back home!


Total Cost per person in groups of 15: US$52 (not including meals & drinks at Belmont Estate). If prices increases we will contact you.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and summer clothing.


Duration: 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 13 July 2019.


For more information on these sites, please visit www.puregrenada.com.


Tour of St. George's


This tour takes you to the following historical sites and shopping area in and around our capital, St. George:

  • Fort Frederick
  • Fort George
  • Kirani James National Stadium
  • National Museum
  • St. George’s Market
  • Other places of interest around the town of St. George

This tour will commence with a shopping spree in our Nation’s capital followed by tours of various historical sites. Wear comfortable walking shoes and summer clothing.


The cost of this exciting tour is US$21 per person


Duration: 9:00am to 3:00pm Saturday 13 July 2019.