Net zero and manufacturing, what do we need to do to achieve the goal?




With the COP26 momentum and pressure building on businesses to deliver on their net zero ambitions, coupled with the soaring price of energy and wider costs to business there is a need for industry to act if the UK is to meet its net zero ambitions by 2050. Manufacturers are keen to get started on their journey to net zero by reducing their emissions by two thirds by 2035, but for the majority of businesses this will be a major challenge. As of right now just 1 in 5 are close to achieving this and more action is needed. Manufacturers are ambitious and three quarters believe they will achieve this goal through different routes such as investing in the new digital technologies and adapting their business to become more efficient, produce less waste and introducing new business models. Is there a one good road to net zero? Do businesses need to lean on the government's help? What are the sector leaders doing in that space? What are the benefits to the business of embracing a low carbon strategy?

Please join us for a one hour session where we will be showcasing two different examples of how manufacturers are adapting their business.