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Wednesday, 2 September 2020 - Tuesday, 8 September 2020

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Sabrina Malpede
Co-Founder and CEO, ACT Blade

Co-Founder and CEO of ACT Blade Ltd, Sabrina has over sixteen years of entrepreneurial experience
in commercialising innovative solutions for
lightweight structures, such as wind turbine
blades. She is an Aeronautical Engineer and was
awarded with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering
from the University of Glasgow (UK).

Twitter: @ActBlade

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Sheila Flavell CBE
Chief Operating Officer, FDM Group


Sheila is Chief Operating Officer and an Executive
Board Director of FDM Group. She has over 30 years’ experience in both the public and private IT sectors internationally. She is passionate about enhancing diversity in the workplace and creating exciting careers for the next generation of digital talent.

Twitter: @SheilaFlavell1 / @FDMGroup

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Anne-Marie Imafidon
Head Stemette and Co-Founder, STEMettes

From child prodigy to MBE, Anne-Marie is a keynote
speaker, presenter and Co-Founder of STEMettes,
the award-winning social enterprise inspiring the
next generation of females into Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) roles.

Twitter: @aimafidon / @StemetteS

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Sara Boutall
Co-Founder, Innovation Disrupt House and Communication

Sara is an Oxford-educated archaeologist working in
Artificial Intelligence. She has worked in start-ups
in London and LA for 7 years. She returned to
Czechia after 10 years in the UK to help centralise
the innovative environment and boost Czechia’s
economy and society through multidisciplinary
scalable adoption of cutting edge technologies.

Twitter: @sara_boutall

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Maya Gura
Co-Founder and CEO, Missbeez

Maya, a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of
Missbeez (UK and IL), a mobile marketplace for beauty
services matching busy women with self-employed
professionals. Prior to Missbeez, Maya was a founding
team member at PicScout where she led a multimillion
global sales operation. She is also a Co-Founder of The
Gifts Project (a fintech platform acquired by eBay).

Twitter: @mayagura

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Camilla Ley Valentin
Co-founder and CCO, Queue-it

As CCO and Co-founder of Queue-it and Co-Founder of Women in Tech, Denmark, Camilla has been recognised for several leadership awards
worldwide. As her awards show, Camilla
plays an integral role in getting more women
interested in tech and entrepreneurship.

Twitter: @camillaley / @queueit

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Petra Kotuliakova
Founder & CEO, Aj ty v IT 

Petra is the Founder and CEO of the Slovak NGO
“AJ Ty v IT” (“You in IT, also”) challenging young
girls and empowering women in TECH fields.
She gained her experience in communication
and public relations while working at the Faculty
of Informatics and Information Technology of
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava,
and previously in the marketing department
of DANONE International Brands in Paris.


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Laura Lozano Lominchar
Co-Founder and CEO, Chargy

Laura is Co-Founder and CEO of Chargy. Based
in Madrid, she has worked in recent years as an
expert in Marketing, Sales and Strategy, assuming
positions of responsibility in the marketing
departments of different companies and startups
in the Fintech and Big Data sector.
In addition to her transversal functions as CEO
at Chargy, Laura leads the strategy of Product,
Marketing and Communication, Business, Institutional Relations, and the relationship with strategic clients. For the achievements she has made with Chargy, Laura has won 11 prestigious
awards in Spain and abroad.

Twitter: @laulozlom / @chargycom

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Lisa-Marie Fassl
Co-founder and CCO, Female Founders

Active in the Austrian start-up community for several
years, in 2016 Lisa co-founded Female Founders.
The organisation aims to change the economy and
society by fostering entrepreneurial leadership.
Female Founders currently runs different programmes, among them a start-up accelerator for female-led ventures from all over Europe and a female leadership programme for entrepreneurial employees. In addition, Lisa serves on several advisory boards of public and private organisations and lectures at different universities across Austria. In spring 2020 she became part of the start-up advisory board of the Austrian Minister for Economy and Digitalisation.

Twitter: @Lisa_Fassl / @femalefounders_

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Amanda Heslop
Chief Design Engineer, Rolls Royce

Amanda is a Chartered Engineer with two Master’s
degrees. Amanda has worked internationally
across the Rolls-Royce Civil and Defence
engine businesses and is one of few female
senior engineers. As Chief Design Engineer,
she is responsible for ensuring product safety
and supporting international customers.

Twitter: @Mandah108 / @RollsRoyce

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Hillary Harel
President and Managing Director, Serenus.AI 

Hillary (Orly), Serenus.AI’s CEO and Co-Founder,
has demonstrated active leadership which has
led to the success of the company. Hillary has
extensive experience in founding and managing
various start-up companies, including a leading
company in the telecommunication field. Hillary
volunteers in community projects including
managing leading environmental non-profit
organisations. Hillary is magna cum laude LLM
graduate from the Hebrew University, Israel.

Twitter: @SerenusAI

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Natasha Friis Saxberg
CEO, IT-Branchen, The Danish ICT Industry Association

Natasha is a digital strategist, entrepreneur and
author. She has worked with technology, innovation
and entrepreneurship for more than two decades.
Natasha holds several nominations as one of the most influential women in Tech in Europe and appointed one of the 100 most influential women in Denmark.

Twitter: @saxberg

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Elisabetta Romano
CEO,Telecom Italia Sparkle

Elisabetta has been appointed Chief Executive
Officer of Telecom Italia Sparkle on August 2020.
She has 30 years of experience in the
Telecommunications, IT and Media sector, where
she has held roles with increasing amounts of
responsibility. She has dealt with corporate strategies using an approach focused on sector development and transformation, in particularly challenging environments and contexts in Italy and abroad.

Twitter: @ElisabettaCTO / @TISparkle

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Sophie Martinetz
Founder, Northcote.Recht/Future-Law

Sophie is the Founder and Managing Partner of
Future-Law, the platform for innovation and legal tech. She has more than 15 years of experience as a founder and, before that, worked in international management in Berlin, London and Vienna holding different leading positions in financial institutions. Being a lawyer by training, Sophie also spent time as in-house-lawyer at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin and London. She holds the ACCA Diploma in Financial Management, awarded by the European Media Business School for Audiovisual Management. She is a legal tech and digitalisation expert, book author and speaker.


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Iseult Ward
CEO, Foodcloud

Iseult is Co-Founder and CEO of FoodCloud,
an award-winning non-profit social enterprise.
Launched in 2013 with Co-Founder Aoibheann
O’Brien, FoodCloud offers two solutions to
redistribute surplus food to its network of community
groups and charity partners across Ireland.

Twitter: @Iseultw / @FoodCloud

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Graziella Pellegrini
R&D Director, Holostem Terapie Avanzate

Graziella is Co-Founder and R&D Director at
Holostem Terapie Avanzate. one of the two
inventors of the technology for culture and
transplantation of limbal stem cells for treatment
of blindness due to corneal stem cell deficiency,
registered in Europe. She collaborated to the
gene therapy to treat epidermolysis bullosa.

Twitter: @HolostemTA

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Tamy Ribeiro
Chief Evangelist and Head of Partnerships, Wunder Mobility

After 13 years of experience in online travel, Tamy
moved to mobility in 2016, when she joined Wunder,
helping the company to identify opportunities
and partnerships that amplified its expansion and
presence from 1 to over 100 cities in the world.

Twitter: @WunderMobility

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Eva Ratti
Co-Founder, Find Your Doctor

Eva is one of the founders of Find Your
Doctor, the first employment agency in Italy
specialising in the placement and valorisation
of researchers outside the Academia.
Eva coordinates the activities and manages the
strategic development of the startup, but also works
as an innovation manager to assess the needs of client companies and organisations and recruit the expertise that is needed to match them. She is a trainer in workshops and seminars for PhD students about their professional perspectives and she is involved in research activities regarding the transferable skills developed through the academic path. 


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Inna Braverman
Co-Founder and CEO, Eco Wave Power


Inna founded Eco Wave Power in 2011 and recently
led the company’s IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm. Under her leadership the company installed its first gridconnected wave energy array and secured a projects pipeline of over 250 MW. She is the winner of the 2019 United Nations “Global Climate Action Award”.

Twitter: @InnaBraverman / @EcoWavePower

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Laura Fauqueur
Director of Master in Legal-Tech, CEU IAM Business School 

Laura is Director of the Master in Legal Tech of the
CEU Institute of Advanced Management, the first
onsite Master fully dedicated to Legal Tech taught
in Spanish. Apart from giving lectures, she also works as a consultant in innovation, digital transformation and tech implementation for the legal industry, and as a Service Design facilitator. She is the Co-Founder of Madrid Legal Hackers and is affiliated with a number of associations such as WLW Women in a Legal World, Inkietos, Avotech and ACIJUR.

Twitter: @laulozlom / @chargycom

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Andrea Panczél
President and Managing Director, Women in Energy in Hungary Association (WONY) 
and White Paper Consulting 

Andrea is the Chair and the Co-Founder of
WONY, of the Women in Energy Association.
The main goal of the Association is to increase
the number of the women in leading positions
in the energy sector in the CEE countries.

Twitter: @panczel_andrea / @InWony

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Anne Mellano
Co-Founder, Bestmile

Anne is a civil engineer with specialisation
in innovative transport systems. She directs
Bestmile’s global management activities,
including identifying business opportunities and
overseeing the company’s marketing and sales
operations. Anne was also in charge of two of the
first autonomous mobility projects in Europe.

Twitter: @Bestmile

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