Explore Leiden during Lunchtime

It would be a shame not to include the beautiful and ancient city centre of Leiden in our ICAS 11 programme. Besides having the panel sessions and various exhibitions in different buildings across the city centre, we are also working together with different lunchrooms and restaurants in the city centre offering participants special ICAS lunch deals of around €10. These selected restaurants can easily be recognised by the ICAS 11 flag in front of their building. We encourage everyone to explore Leiden with its enchanting streets while looking for a place to eat. Let yourself be tempted by the delicious and various lunch options that Leiden offers.

ICAS 11 Lunch Recommendations

Food and Cultural Market, Pieterskerkplein
At the heart of the ICAS 11 area lies the Pieterskerkplein (Peter’s Church Square), where you will find our Food and Cultural Market. At this market, especially organised for ICAS, but open to the public as well, you will be able to enjoy dishes from the Dutch and Asian cuisines, and be entertained and informed by a number of artisans demonstrating age old Dutch traditions, such as clog crafting, liquorice making and ‘ship in bottle’ building. There will be musical acts such as a vinyl DJ on a bakfiets.

The market will be operational on 16 July from 11.00-16.00, and on 17-19 July from 12.00-20.00. This means that you can have lunch and dinner at the market, or at least a drink after the last panel, which ends at 18.45.

University Restaurant at Kamerlingh Onnes, Steenschuur 25

University Restaurant at Lipsius, Cleveringaplaats 1

Anne&Max, Gangetje 2
Lunch deal: warm focaccia sandwich with homemade fresh juice for €10

Café Barrera, Rapenburg 56
Lunch deal: the famous Rapenburger with a cup of coffee, tea, or soda for €10

Café Pieter, Kloksteeg 16
Lunch deal: traditional home-made pie (beef or vegetarian) from New Zealand with a drink for €9,50

City Hall, Stadhuisplein 3
Lunch deal: Italian bruschetta of your choice and a fresh orange juice for €10

Hortus Grand Cafe, Rapenburg 73
Lunch deal: soup of the day, a carpaccio or grilled vegetables sandwich, and an edible flowerpot with chocolate mousse, crumble and edible flowers for €12,50

Pakhuis, Doelensteeg 8
Lunch deal: Corn or brown bread with topping of your choice (crab salad, egg salad, brie, or grilled sausage), served with a cup of coffee or tea for €6,25 (Soup is optional for an extra of €3)

Restaurant Burgerzaken, Breestraat 123
Lunch deal: olivebread with cheese from Captein, or bruschetta with beef carpaccio, or sourdough bread with crème from garden pees, grilled asparagus, pepper and vegetable crisps with a glass of orange juice for €10

Sijthoff, Doezastraat 1B
Lunch deal: watercress soup filled with feta cheese, a ‘Leids Ontzet kroket’ (special croquette), sandwich with cheese from Leiden and sun-dried tomatos for €8.25
Please note: The Sijthof lunchroom is a learn-and-workplace for students with disabilities. They are being trained to work in the hospitality sector. We would greatly appreciate your support towards this initiative.

Sabor, Kloksteeg 13
Lunch deal: Sandwich with roast rib or smoked salmon served with a drink of your choice (Hertog Jan Beer, soda, or orange juice) for €10

Tabú, Rembrandtstraat 27
Lunch deal: choose from the freshly made bocadillo with a fresh orange juice for €10


Other lunch locations open for regular lunch
Babbels, Boisotkade 1
Bagels & Beans, Maarsmansteeg 8
Einstein, Nieuwe Rijn 19
Kamerlingh Café, Doezastraat 2B

See our conference map for all locations.