ICAS 11 Parade and Opening Ceremony

Date and time: 16 July, 15.45 – 18.15
Hooglandse Kerk, Nieuwstraat 20

Join the ICAS 11 Parade through the inner city of Leiden! We will start assembling around 15.30 at the ICAS 11 venues and make our way through the alleys of Leiden to the Hooglandse Kerk, Nieuwstraat 20 where the Opening Ceremony will commence.

Musical welcome at the Hooglandse Kerk by pipe organist, Willeke Smits

Upon entering the Hooglandse Kerk to attend the ICAS 11 opening ceremony you will be welcomed by the atmospheric sound of the church organ, played by Ms. Willeke Smits. The foundations of the church were laid in 1315, and starting in 1480 the church was extended into a cathedral. As of 1572 the church fell into protestant hands and all generations since then have applied their own modifications. The old organ was reconstructed by the renowned Van Hagerbeer organ builders, and is now the only existing Dutch city organ originating from the Dutch Golden Age. It is a unique and ideal medium for the interpretation of old organ music.

Wind flow between Asia and Europe: A performance by Henri Tournier and Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig

'Western artists have always been attracted by Eastern arts; many take long journeys through or enjoy extended stays in countries where the cultures fascinate them most. Our globalized lifestyles and ease of modern travel have opened up multiple possibilities for dialogue. Inexplicably, the culture of the other often reflects emotions that are very personal and deeply rooted in our sensibilities.

Eastern music has offered new or long forgotten approaches to European musicians. Such was also the case with Indian music, which I became fond of more than thirty years ago: the art of variation and improvisation, the connection to rhythms, cycles, the use of micro intervals, ornamentation and the melismatic, as well as different techniques giving access to other sonorities and colours that shake up our view of beauty in Music.

These elements were essential in renewing the European musical language, in particular so-called contemporary music. Led by curiosity and fascination, most musicians of Europe and the East naturally embrace the music of the other. One of the challenges is to remain conscious of and to not lose sight of the identity and very character of each music, but to find a common language that will take the different musical universes to someplace new.

This is how our encounter took place when creating the duet/quartet ‘Souffles des steppes’. In the last couple of years, Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig and I have been revisiting Mongolian songs, thereby privileging improvisation as a way to discover a common language, and combining Western, Indian and Mongolian musical elements to explore and express profound emotions.'
Henri Tournier


Words of Welcome

Paul van der Velde - ICAS 11 Secretary
Henri Lenferink - Mayor of Leiden
Stef Blok - Minister of Foreign Affairs (video)
Judi Mesman - Leiden University
Aurélie Varrel - GIS-Asie Director
Philippe Peycam - IIAS Director


ICAS Book Prize Ceremony

The eighth edition of the ICAS Book Prize (IBP) will present the awards to its winners during the ICAS 11 opening ceremony. This year the IBP includes 6 language editions, and a total of 11 main prize winners. All shortlisted authors and winners are included in the 'IBP 2019' publication, which will be distributed after the ceremony.

Welcome Reception

Following the opening ceremony, the Organising Committee invites all ICAS 11 delegates to join them for the Welcome Reception. Do not miss out on this opportunity to build new relationships, see old friends, and enjoy the company of your colleagues and peers in a relaxed and informal setting. During the Welcome Reception you can enjoy a cultural fashion show organised by Engaging With Vietnam showing a collection of Vietnam’s Nguyễn Dynasty Era Costume Sets (Ao Dai) made by Y Vân Hiên Group. The Welcome Reception is catered by Passion Food. Owner, Mascha Smit, was runner-up in Masterchef 2010.