What does “Online from Madrid” mean? 

The World Employment Conference 2021 is both onsite and online making it a hybrid event. The conference is streamed live from Madrid. There will be some audience and speakers joining from Madrid, but the majority of the audience will be online. 


May I come onsite? 

The Conference will be streamed from Madrid, with the majority of the audience online.  

We invite you to register for the online conference by following this link:   

With limited onsite tickets, attendance onsite is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact for more information. 


How do I access the event? 

The event platform is only accessible to those who registered for the conference. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email including a link to the event platform. The event platform is open now for registered attendees to visit, start setting up their profile and arranging their personalised agenda. 


What is the time zone of the event?

The specific time zone referred is CEST.




What is the programme? 

To discover the programme, visit the dedicated section on the website. 


What topics will the conference cover? 

The main theme of the conference is “Steering a Labour Market in Transformation”. This topic is addressed through the following streams: 

  1. Leveraging Technological Change 

  1. Understanding Changing Employee Expectations 

  1. Thriving under Increased Uncertainty 

  1. Focus on Spain and Latin America 

For more detailed information, check the programme here


In which languages will the conference be held? Will there be translation? 

All conference sessions will be available in English, with some sessions translated into Spanish. For more detailed information on which sessions are in English or Spanish, please filter the programme by language.  


How can I become a World Employment Conference speaker?  

All our speaker slots are already filled for this year.  

However, we may be interested in your work and consider you for the World Employment Conference 2022. Please contact the team in early October 2021 to express your interest. 


How can I make the most of my time at the conference? 

You can design your personalised agenda by selecting the sessions that you are interested in attending. You also can book your 1-1 networking meetings in advance. You will be given access to the platform shortly after registering. By selecting the sessions you are interested in and booking your meetings in advance will make attending the conference a breeze, optimising your conference time! 

We suggest that you update your profile information as soon as you get access to the platform. This will help with networking. 





How do I register for the conference? 

You can register through the following link:   


Can I pay by invoice? 

If you wish to pay via invoice, please choose the "wire transfer" payment method. 


Why is there Spanish VAT number and percentage on my invoice?  

The VAT number is Spanish because the event take place in Madrid. Spanish VAT is 21%. 


I want to pay by credit card, but it doesn’t work, the registration jumps. 

If you want to pay by credit card, please make sure that the amount and the country (Belgium) are authorized by your bank or credit card provider. 

If you still are unable to pay by credit card, select pay by “wire transfer” option, and we will prepare an invoice for you.  


I would like to register for a group ticket, but I don’t know who exactly from my organization will attend yet. How should I proceed? When do I have to input all my attendees’ names and email addresses? 

You can register for a group ticket by naming only one of the expected participants, leaving the  names on the other tickets blank for now. 

You need to assign each ticket to the remaining participants in the group before Monday August 23. To do this please email: 


For a group pass registration, will each attendee receive a confirmation email individually? 

Each participant will receive a confirmation email and a link to join the event platform via the email address provided during registration. 





What is the dress code for the conference? 

Business Casual 


What is the dress code for the gala dinner? 

The gala dinner offered for onsite participants in Madrid has a ‘Roaring Twenties’ theme. Dress code should be cocktail style with a twenties touch. 


What will the weather be like in Madrid during the conference? 

Usually, during this period the weather is sunny with an average temperature is 22°C. 

You can check the live weather forecast for Madrid through the following link: El tiempo en Madrid  


Where is the conference held in Madrid? 

Novotel Madrid Center 
53 Calle de O'Donnell 
Comunidad de Madrid 

Please note that there are two Novotel hotels in Madrid. If you wish to book accommodation at a preferred rate, please contact


What health measures should be taken into account?

Please find all the information in the document here


Do you have any further questions?

Contact us our team is happy to help.