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LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce by connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn has more than 546 million members and 18M companies represented in over 200 countries and territories.

Over the last few years, the recruitment industry has been adapting to increasingly complex challenges when it comes to attracting and placing talent. As the market becomes noisier LinkedIn believes the next wave of recruiting lies in the use of data-driven insights to power talent decisions. This is the era of talent intelligence.

Within the coming decade, LinkedIn believes that great recruiting teams and companies will win based on two key capabilities. First, they will have excellent recruiters with instincts to find, assess, and source exceptional candidates. Second, they will empower recruiters, and their leadership, with exceptional data and insights to reinvent and rethink every step in the process.

LinkedIn believes that their data as well as their machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities will provide recruiters with the insights they need to focus on the right people, whilst also giving recruitment leaders the insights they need to make critical strategy decisions. Come and speak to us at the conference to find out more.

Visit us at www.linkedin.com



A single, easy-to-use and cloud-based solution for managing the temporary workforce.

PIXID provides Europe’s leading online solution for the temporary staffing industry. Connecting 7000 recruitment agencies and more than 100 000 client locations, PIXID will transform the way you communicate, manage assignments and deliver results for your business.

PIXID is all about:

  • Connecting people – Achieve seamless communication with your customers and candidates in ways that build loyalty and add value to your existing systems
  • Controlling process – Achieve transparency through traceability and tracking of all documents
  • Ensuring compliance – Benefit from a platform with controls and alerts to help you meet your data protection and other legal obligations

Visit us online: www.mypixid.com



At the heart of the digital transformation, Coffreo has created the first European SaaS platform to accelerate and streamline exchanges between temporary workers, staffing agencies and employers in a wide variety of industries such as events/hospitality, security, construction and healthcare.

In the temporary staffing, Coffreo has become the leader in the digitalisation of work contracts, and is recognized for three essential qualities: its reliability, responsiveness and industry expertise.

This is directly reflected in the information exchanges we process: 

• more than 900,000 contracts signed each month, 

• more than 1,000,000 active temporary employees each quarter, 

• more than 30,000,000 documents processed annually.

Coffreo's service platform adapts to the context of each country and is flexible to meet the needs of staffing agencies and employers while providing an intuitive, easy to use app and website for temporary workers.

Coffreo continues to accelerate its international development in order to become the leading European platform for the temporary staffing industry.

For more information, please visit the following page: https://marketing.coffreo.com/coffreo



Speed up recruiting process and manage the entire workflow of the staffing agencies with an all-in-one innovative software.

Arca24 is an HR Tech Factory specialized in the design and implementation of cloud software for the staffing industry, available in 7 languages and cloud based. Our software solutions are designed to meet the needs of different customers: Staffing agencies, Executive search and Job board.

Arca24 offers all-in-one software including ATS & CRM, data driven reporting and, for a few countries, the back office module including bill rate, contracts, attendance management system and invoicing.


Our software features:

  • AI CVs Matching for an automatic pre-screening of candidates
  • Integrated Multiposting system with over 100 job boards
  • Advanced systems for videorecruiting: CV video, real-time video interviews, on-demand and automated video interviews.
  • Soft skills tests (personality, memory, logic tests, etc.)
  • Tests of linguistic and technical skills
  • Customizable Killer question
  • Automated candidate’s summary sending to clients
  • Multimaling and multi sms
  • Alerts and competitors analysis
  • Project management, pipeline and tracking informazion
  • Reporting and KPI


Visit us at www.arca24.com






Littler is the largest employment and labour law firm in the world with more than 1,600 attorneys globally. Through an integrated strategy, Littler brings together practitioners experienced in local and cross-border labour and employment matters to provide seamless client service across all countries in the world.


We believe that the global employment services industry (agency work, direct recruitment, career management, recruitment process outsourcing and managed service provider) has a very crucial role to play in the new workplace. Advancing technologies are changing the workplace and work itself, employee expectations and mobility have changed very rapidly and  thriving under increased uncertainty. This global revolution is unstoppable and will require employers to radically change their approach to talent planning, hiring, implementing lifelong learning and training programs.


Worldwide laws impacting the proper classifications of employees, and whether multiple entities should jointly be held responsible for compliance with employee’s rights are complex and wide-spread. In fact, every labor and employment law has distinct and unique methods for determining whether a joint employment or co-employment relationship exists. Similarly, many countries legislatures are enacting new laws directly regulating the obligations and rights in these relationships in an effort to capture identified lost revenue streams. The consequence is a plethora of regulation. This is particularly challenging for multi-country employers and global employment services providers.


Littler’s Staffing, Independent Contractors and Contingent Workers Practice Group has extensive legal experience in every facet of the employment service industry. Littler provides legal consultation and legal implementation of the initial work-force design, including legal risk assessments of business staffing options, drafting and revising associated contracts, and preparing model contractor and master service agreements. Littler can also provide legal exposure assessments and audits of existing staffing and contingent worker relationships prior to the receipt of an audit or lawsuit.


Littler’s international practice also offers advice in a full range of workplace issues, including general labour and employment advice, litigation and dispute resolution, labour relations and works council issues, compliance, codes of conduct, workforce management, data privacy, and reorganizations, among others.


For more information visit littler.com.





For more than 25 years, Capital GES has provided staffing companies, independent contractors and corporate clients with market-leading employment solutions, helping them to expand their international reach in the safest and most profitable manner.

The professional in-house services offered by Capital GES include Employer of Record (EoR), Contractor Payroll and Invoice and Pay, which we offer in 29 countries across Europe, Latin America and southern Africa.

Visit us online at www.capital-ges.com







The 2021 World Employment Conference is the annual event on the
recruitment and employment industry, gathering senior executives
of national staffing federations and business leaders of workforce
solutions firms.

Get face-to-face exposure to the leaders of the global employment
services industry.

Establish new relationships and connect with key national influencers.

Give visibility to your company, its existing services and its latest

Partner with the World Employment Confederation, the leading global
association representing the recruitment and employment industry.

Interested in joining the World Employment Conference 2021 Online as a sponsor or exhibitor? Do contact us to receive the sponsorship brochure.

First and foremost, as a sponsor or exhibitor, you connect to a global network of key opinion leaders and influencers in the world of work. On top, we offer packages that give you brand and product/service visibility before and during the conference. In addition, we offer possibilities to connect and interact with the speakers and participants and position yourself as a thought leader.

Collaborating with us is possible for small and large budgets and we are open to customise with the objective of creating partnerships that add value for all participants.


Our 2021 online conference will be as inspirational and energising!


Contact us for further information


Stefaan De Corte

+32 478 802 167


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