The World Employment Confederation


The World Employment Confederation is a non-profit association established under Belgian law. Our constitution establishes the General Assembly, the Board, and the standing committees as main bodies of the Confederation. 

The World Employment Confederation is committed to promoting international fair recruitment practices and to upholding high quality standards. To this end, the World Employment Confederation participates in several international projects and has developed its own Code of Conduct. 

The Code of Conduct defines the common principles and values shared by all Members of the World Employment Confederation when offering their services to companies and job-seekers. It aims to encourage all practitioners in the field to become socially responsible employers. 

Every member of the World Employment Confederation is requested to adhere to the Code of Conduct and to promote its principles towards all relevant stakeholders. 


The World Employment Confederation works to broaden recognition of the positive economic and social role that the employment industry plays in enabling work, adaptation, security and prosperity.  

  • Enabling work: Acting as social integrators and inspiring hope among workers and companies.
  • Enabling adaptation: Working as agility creators and building stakeholder confidence.
  • Enabling security: Being a trusted labour market advisor to workers and companies, thereby building trust.
  • Enabling prosperity: Driving growth in the economy, creating a sense of pride.