The World Employment Confederation

The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the provate employment services industry at the global level, representing national federations as well as workforce solutions companies from across the world. Members of the World Employment Confederation represent a wide range of HR services, including agency work, direct recruitment, career management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The World Employment confederation works to broaden recognition of the positive economic and social role which the private employment services industry plays in enabling work, adaptation, security and prosperity. This role involves building networks with relevant stakeholders such as policy makers, social partners and the academic world; setting high recruitment and employment standards and practices; acting as a thought-leader shaping future proof and competitive labour markets and providing strategic data on employment issues.

The contribution of the private employment services industry as a labour market enablers

The private employment services industry plays a key role in providing innovative solutions to address challenges that arise through the ever-changing world of work. As labour market enablers, members of the World Employment confederation contribute to the better functioning labour markets, benefiting individuals, business and society at large, by:   

  • Enabling work: Acting as social integrators and inspiring hope among workers and companies.
  • Enabling adaptation: Working as agility creators and building stakeholder confidence.
  • Enabling security: Being a trusted labour market advisor to workers and companies and building trust.
  • Enabling prosperity: Driving growth in the economy, creating a sense of pride.