Transformation is nothing new in labour markets but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many of the trends that we were already observing and the world of work is getting increasingly complex. It’s time to simplify that complexity! The World Employment Conference 2021 will bring you the understanding, inspiration and global network that you need to thrive in such a labour market in transformation.

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Levering technological change

Technologies – be it artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain or digital labour platforms – are opening up new opportunities in the world of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the uptake of digital solutions to source, recruit and manage talents. But this technological revolution can only be successful long term if it is deployed in a fair and trusted manner and if it leads to decent work.

This stream in the conference will address how technological change can be harnessed to enhance recruitment supply chains and the management of the workforce. We will uncover the solutions the employment and recruitment industry offers, which ensure benefits to both workers and businesses alike.


In recent years, workforce trends have shown that workers place higher priority on working situations that allow for better work-life balance, give rise to meaningful work and increased autonomy, and in general a craving for new, flexible forms of work. Work in the COVID-19 era has brought some of these desires into reality, at warp speed… but will these changes last?

Whether in an office or remotely, workers’ preferences and expectations will drive the future of work. From reimagining the human experience at work to offering a new employee value proposition, this conference stream will also address how we can collectively build a more diverse, equal and inclusive world of work. 


More than a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still live in a great uncertainty. Rather than waiting for a return to normal, isn’t it time to learn to thrive under the increased uncertainty? Will you be prepared for whichever change of direction the labour market in transformation takes?

This stream of the conference will show what solutions exist today, from career guidance and new leadership and workforce management models, to build more organizational and personal resilience helping you and your business to thrive, rather than just survive in this ever-changing word of work.

The conference will take a closer look at how the various trends driving transformation affect labour markets in both Spain and Latin America and how they add on to existing challenges such as globalisation and mobility. The different sessions will offer resources to make this new reality coexist with a labour market that continues to maintain levels of security and decent working conditions.