The World Employment Conference 2020  will be organised under three main themes. 


  1. The Workforce Evolution: how we can integrate workers’ new expectations; create a meaningful employee experience; rebuild stability and predictability in professional careers; and how HR analytics can be used in an efficient and ethical way.
  2. The Competitive Landscape: how organisations can reorganise themselves to become more agile - while at the same time managing a workforce that has become more fluid; how the rise of platform work and the Gig Economy are disrupting our industry.
  3. The Institutional Framework: how we can make labour markets more inclusive and work for all; how we reinvent safety nets to suit a diverse workforce; how we can develop solutions to allow lifelong learning in line with more fluid work patterns; and what role our social partners should play in all of this.

Dates: Wednesday 30 September (PM) & Thursday 1 October 2020 (full day, including a farewell dinner).

Members Programme: Tuesday 29 September (full day) & Wednesday 30 September (AM) 2020


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