Annual RIMS Conference: November 26 - 27, 2021

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Special Interest Groups

An overview of the programme of the SIG meetings scheduled on Saturday, November 27 will follow soon.

Admittance to a SIG is complimentary to all Conference Delegates, but pre-registration is mandatory.
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SIG Bladder, Bowel and Sexuality

SIG chair: Sara Rinaldi

Title: Update on bladder and bowel management in MS


  • Introduction
    • Introduction into SIG BBS: the past, present and furture - Piet Eelen
    • Presentation of the new chair and co-chair - Sara Rinaldi and Corinne Oosterlinck
    • Election time
  • Scientific Meeting
    • Study Genova "Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: a post-void residual analysis of 501 cases on July10, 2020" - Roberta Motta
    • Study Melsbroek "Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for the treatment of bowel incontinence symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis versus sham" - Piet Eelen
  • Any Other Business
    • Ideas for the future
    • Questions
    • Next in-between meeting


SIG Communication & Swallowing

SIG chair: Leonie Ruhaak & Leena Maria Heikkola

Title: Validity of and experiences with swallowing assessment methods in MS

SIG chairs: Inger Grethe Løyning & Sofie Ferdinand


 Welcome and check-in


 SIG update


 SIG chair and co-chair election


 Validity of and experiences with swallowing assessment methods in MS  Importance of Mealtime Assessment of Swallowing

 Prof Antonio Schnidler

 MAS, Mealtime Assessment of Swallowing Scale
 Dr. Nicole Pizziorni













SIG Occupation

SIG chairs: Inger Grethe Løyning & Sofie Ferdinand


 Welcome and brief presentation of SIG Occupation
 Inger L
øyning, MSc, OT, SIG chair & Sofie Ferdinand, OT, SIG co-chair


 Fatigue Diary, new app under development
 Jelka Jansa, MSc, OT, Slovenia


 Questions and comments


 Activity Calculator - a method for achieving a balanced lifestyle for people with  chronic fatigue
 Karin ter Hove, OT, Netherlands & Irma Pinxsterhuis, PhD, MSc, OT, Norway


 Questions and comments


 Head and shoulders, knees and toes - stretch your body


 Introduction to Occupational Performance Coaching in MS Research
 Dorothy Kessler, PhD, OT Reg (Ont) & Marcia Finlayson, PhD, OT Reg (Ont), Canada


 Questions and Comments


 Closing remarks and plans for 2022
 Inger L
øyning , SIg chair& Sofie Ferdinand, SIG co-chair


 Thank you for participating and welcome to our future meetings!















SIG Mobility

Title: Results from the International Survey of the impact of COVID-19 on physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Results from the International Survey of the impact of COVID-19 on physiotherapy rehabilitation, from patient's perspective and therapist's perspective will be disseminated during the SIG-mobility workshop during the RIMS conference. Eleven countries participated in this survey, these were: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Norway, Israel, Turkey, Australia, Serbia and Czech Republic. On average 3.500 persons with multiple sclerosis and 250 therapists responded to the survey. The session will be dedicated to disseminating results of the patient and therapist surveys, followed by questions and discussion on how to shape MS rehabilitation moving forward.

SIG chairs: Carme Santoyo & Lousin Moumdjian


 Welcome and brief presentation of the SIG Mobility
Carme Santoyo


 The "International Survey of the Impact of Covid-19 on physiotherapy   rehabilitation" From the initial idea to the development of the project, working   groups and manuscripts
 Lousin Moumdjian


 Preliminary results on the patient's survey: Effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on   physical activity of people with MS

 - Did physical activity change during Covid pandemic? Lousin Moumdjian
 - Factors influencing change in physical activity behaviour. Marietta van der Linden 

 - Are we meeting the guidelines? Andrea Tacchino


 Discussion (chaired by Susan Coote)




 Preliminary results on therapist's survey: Effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on   physiotherapy clinical practice
 - Changes on the content and delivery of physiotherapy services during the Covid   pandemic. Turhan Kahraman
 - Changes in the organizational framework of physiotherapy services during the   Covid pandemic. Carme Santoyo
 - How was the technology used during the Covid pandemic? Johanna Jonsdottir


 Discussion (chaired by Alon Kalron)


 Nexts steps for the project, closing remarks, next SIG Mobility in between meeting
Carme Santoyo & Lousin Moumdjian


















SIG Patient Autonomy

SIG chairs: Andrea Giordano & Anne Rahn


 Andrea Giordano


 Update on current SIG projects

 Needs of people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (NIPS) - a   crosscultural study (RiGra project)

 Motherhood choice in MS - status of the German sub-project
 Julie Peper




 Advance Care Planning 
 Andrea Giordano & Alessandra Solari


 Work presented by other group members
 Speakers to be confirmed


 SIG in-between meeting
 Andrea Giordano & Anne Rahn


















SIG Psychology and Neuropsychology

Title: 2021 - Collective Learning in Psychology - How to benefit from other experiences.


SIG chairs: Jana Pöttgen, Sarah Thomas and Anita Rose


 Welcome and short introduction


 A mindfulness meditation


 SIG chair election (Introduction of Sarah Thomas)


 The digital toolkit for fatigue
 Sarah Thomas


 Predominant cognitive phenotypes in multiple sclerosis: Insights from patient-   centered outcomes
 Jessica Podda


 Exchange and discussion


 Conclusion and farewell