As an organisation, the Association for Art History strives to create events that are inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. We are keen that those who want to attend the 2020 Annual Conference, can attend, including working parents with childcare responsibilities. We are keen to support families attending our event by providing a variety of childcare options.

Below are the childcare options available to those wishing to attend 2020 Annual Conference. Please note that parents and carers will be responsible for arranging and paying for their childcare needs. We can and will make options available but cannot be responsible for the payments or agreements.


Childcare provisions will be subject to enough demand.


Northumbria University Nursery

Northumbria University Nursery are able to offer 3 full day places during the conference for children aged 3 years to 4 years 11 months. If you are interested, please email

Deadline to register your interest: Friday 14 February 2020

Cost: £60 per day including meals and drinks


On-site Creche

We are working with a leading national childcare company,Tinies to provide a creche at the conference. The creche will be dependent upon the minimum number of enquiries we receive. If you are interested, please email

Deadline to register your interest: Friday 7 February 2020

Cost: TBC


Working with a leading national childcare company Tinies, they are able to offer nannies to care for your baby/child during the conference. Tinies will liase with the parent directly, share CVs and set up a time for the parent to talk to the nanny prior to the event and ensure that the nanny and parent have all the needed information. If you are interest, please email

Cost: £18.50+VAT per hour



Sitters is a professional childcare service available throughout the UK. By registering with Sitters you can arrange and pay for day and/or evening childcare for a minimum of 3 hours.

Please note that you are responsible for arranging and paying Sitters directly. The Association for Art History is not affiliated with Sitters and we cannot offer guarantees about their services.

Cost: See 'Sitters' website for details -



There is no lower age limit for the conference, however children under 16 years of age should be supervised by an adult during the conference.

Nursing Room

If you require privacy for breastfeeding or expressing, please speak to staff on the registration desk who will direct you to the nursing room.


Family activities in Newcastle

Useful websites:

Day out with the kids 

What’s on for families 


Eating out with children

Useful websites:

Family pubs with play area

Child friendly restaurants