Keynote: Cécile Fromont, 'Images on a Mission in Early Modern Kongo and Angola'

Friday 8 April, 11:30 - 12:45


Early modern central Africa comes to life in the vivid full-page paintings of Italian Capuchin Franciscans, veterans of the Kongo and Angola missions composed between 1650 and 1750 for the training of future missionaries. Though European in form and craftsmanship, I argue in this talk that these visual creations did not emerge from a single perspective but rather were and should be read as the products of cross-cultural interaction. With this intervention, I aim to model a way to think anew about images created across cultures, bringing to the fore the formative role that encounter itself played in their conception, execution, and modes of operation.

Kate Cowcher, Lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews
Cécile Fromont, Associate Professor African and South Atlantic Art at Yale University

About Cécile Fromont:
Cécile Fromont’s writing and teaching focus on the visual, material, and religious culture of Africa and Latin America with a special emphasis on the early modern period (ca 1500-1800), on the Portuguese-speaking Atlantic World, and on the slave trade.




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