Bringing together current research and critical debate about art, art history and visual cultures

Goldsmiths, University of London
Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 April 2022

The Association for Art History’s 2022 Annual Conference will take place in London at the world renowned art college, Goldsmiths. The three-day event will take place onsite in partnership with the Department of Visual Culture..

The extensive three-day programme will offer a broad range of international research sessions and papers, plus additional workshops, local visits, keynotes and networking opportunities for delegates. We will be conscious of health and safety throughout this event and aim to offer delegates the same quality of content and experience that people have come to expect, respect and enjoy at any Association for Art History Annual Conference. We look forward to seeing you in April.

What to expect from the 2022 Annual Conference for art history


International collaborations and exchanges
We believe that art history inspires you to think differently, and see differently. Every year we work with different institutions around the UK to create an event that encourages a broad and inclusive art history for all. For 2022 we are delighted to be working with Goldsmiths college and galleries in and around South East London.


Making connections
Taking place in-person, over three days the 2022 Annual Conference will hosts speakers from around the world, and across multiple disciplines. This key annual event is an opportunity to keep up to date with new research, hear inspiring keynotes, and to broaden networks and exchange ideas. The Annual Conference connects over 500 delegates with and for art history.


Celebrating breadth, excellence and inclusivity
Since 1974 the Association for Art History has championed a broad and inclusive art history, for which the Annual Conference is known and respected. No other annual event for art history in the UK offers the breadth and quality of research, in one place, at one time. 2022 Annual Conference will host 35 selected sessions and over 200 selected papers.

A chance to share ideas and interests, in one place
Presenting research at the Annual Conference has helped hundreds of speakers and convenors develop their research, expand their professional networks and build their personal and professional visibility. 

Making it relevant and valuable for you  
In addition to academic sessions the 2022 conference programme will include exhibitors, opportunities to meet with publishers, professional development workshops, networking opportunities, local visits and inspiring keynote speakers.


You choose
Pick and choose the sessions and papers that matter to you, and tailor the programme to your interests and needs. Exchange and develop your research with like-minded people, and expand your networks and contacts. You can discuss and debate ideas within a collegiate space. Build upon your professional skills, grow your professional and personal visibility, and gain new perspectives. 

Who should attend the 2022 Annual Conference?
The Annual Conference is open to all.  If you are doing research about art, art history or visual culture this three-day event is a perfect opportunity to share your research ideas. Or you can come along to listen and engage with new research. The Annual Conference is popular with academics, curators, artists, phd students, early career researchers, publishers, writers and anyone engaged with art history research. The conference is open to art historians and non art historians, and to members and non members. Everyone is welcome.



What People Value about the Annual Conference


  • “such a collegiate environment”
  • “high quality research, dialogue and debate”
  • “outstanding keynotes”
  • “excellent and stimulating range of research”


  • “I learned new things and was thoroughly engaged”
  • “meeting people with shared interests”
  • “exposure to a vast range of topics”
  • “new ideas and perspectives”

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