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The first ever
fully digital large scale capacity-building event.

Organised by
the URBACT Programme


Tuesday 22nd September
Analysing problems

e-Manager leading this session: Christophe Gouache

Is your problem well defined? Do all stakeholders have the same understanding of the local challenges you face? In this second session of the e-University participants will work on the first step of the action-planning process: defining and analysing the problem. Too often, action planning is hindered due to an unclear problem definition. Participants will be provided with methods to properly analyse a problem, obtain the right diagnosis and develop adequate and integrated solutions, in a collaborative way.

Find the resources and the replay for the e-Session 3 over here

Thursday 24th September
Planning Actions #1

e-Manager leading this session: Liat Rogel

In this first of two sessions on planning actions, participants will explore how to develop a shared vision with the URBACT Local Group. When different people come together, they bring their different perspectives. This is a great value for participatory and collaborative work; however it is not always easy to find a shared vision among stakeholder, which is a fundamental part of the action-planning journey. Participants will test tools to improve collaborative design of actions.


Based in Germany
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Genderedlandscape APN
Leading Engaging stakeholders on Thursday 17th September

#urbancommons   #genderequalcities&development

Based in Belgium
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Active Citizens APN
Leading Analysing problems on Tuesday 22nd September

#citizenparticipation   #socialinnovation

Based in Italy
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT ROOF APN
Leading Planning Actions #1 on Thursday 24th September

#housing   #socialinnovation

Based in Ireland
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Resourceful Cities APN
Leading Generating & Co-creating ideas on Tuesday 29th September

#EUfunding   #regionalplanning&development

Based in the UK
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT DigiPlace APN
Leading Planning Actions #2 on Thursday 1st October

#changeleader   #collaboration

Based in Hungary
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Thriving Streets APN
Leading Making the Results visible on Tuesday 6th September

#jobsandskills   #participation

Based in Romania
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Tourism-friendly Cities APN
Leading Grand finale on Thursday 8th October

#urbanregeneration   #urbaninnovattion




The UeU will consist of a series of 8 sessions, following a logical sequence, along the stages of an action-planning process. It will be designed to:

  • help partners get to work with their URBACT Local Groups (ULG)
  • to present participants with a set of skills that will be useful for the development of the Integrated Action Plans.
Specifically, the UeU will cover tools for partners to use at local level during the Activation and Action Planning Phase of the APN journey. The current context of reduced physical contact will also be taken into consideration.



The UeU will take place weekly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and will be delivered in English.
Each session will last 2 hours, from 10.00 to noon (CET), and it will provide tools about one stage of this process. Each session will include:

  • theoretical input on the topic
  • practical tool testing and exchange within a small group



This event is exclusively designed for people who are involved in the ULGs from on-going APNs and, therefore, who are actively involved in the drafting of the Integration Action Plan.

  • Three people from each partner city can attend this event
  • at least one person, preferably the ULG coordinator, should take part in all sessions, to get a complete understanding of the action-planning process.
As a participant you will be part of a group with people from other cities and networks. This group will remain the same over the whole 4 week period. So an active engagement during and in between sessions - as well as a good level of English - is required.



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