Thursday 8th October

Grand Finale

This final session will bring the whole action-planning journey to life. Participants will reflect on how to make sense of everything experienced during the URBACT e-University, how to apply this knowledge to their local situation and how to translate it into their own Integrated Action Plans. This will be an opportunity to discover also how to be flexible and resilient in the face of challenges. Be prepared for some extra surprises in this Grand Finale!

The e-session will be split in two parts:

- 9.45 (CET): Working Groups (exclusive for local stakeholders from the networks and e-Facilitators)
- 10.30 (CET): closing session with Anamaria Vrabie and the URBACT Secretariat

The links to join the e-session will be sent to participants via e-mail, just before the session. Please keep in mind that the Zoom personal log-in is necessary to join Working Groups. If you are a part of Working Group and have not received the personal link, please contact the support team:

Anamaria Vrabie

Based in Romania
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Tourism-friendly Cities APN
Leading Grand finale on Thursday 8th October


Anamaria Vrabie is a norm entrepreneur for making cities places of engagement, well-being and human generosity. Her work covers a wide range of topics, including urban development, integrated approach for urban regeneration, stakeholder engagement, behavioural change informed policy, teaching, facilitation, moderation and process design. She has set up and created new ways of action for delivering municipal innovation, including the first innovation municipal unit in Romania. She has also produced work for many organisations, including the World Bank, the Urban Development Network and the Urban Innovative Actions programme. Anamaria has also been Lead Expert for the URBACT URBInclusion Implementation Network.
#urbanregeneration   #urbaninnovattion