Thursday 24th September

e-Session 4: Planning actions #1

In this first of two sessions on planning actions, participants will explore how to develop a shared vision with the URBACT Local Group. When different people come together, they bring their different perspectives. This is a great value for participatory and collaborative work; however it is not always easy to find a shared vision among stakeholder, which is a fundamental part of the action-planning journey. Participants will test tools to improve collaborative design of actions.

The e-session will be split in two parts:
- 10.00 (CET): plenary with Liat Rogel
- 11.00 (CET): Working Groups (exclusive for local stakeholders from the networks and e-Facilitators)

The links to join the e-session will be sent to participants via e-mail, just before the session. Please keep in mind that the Zoom personal log-in is necessary to join Working Groups. If you are a part of Working Group and have not received the personal link, please contact the support team:


Based in Italy
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT ROOF APN
Leading Planning Actions #1 on Thursday 24th September


Liat Rogel is a service designer and expert in social innovation. Her work focuses on creative processes and developing new tools for design thinking and innovative strategies towards sustainability, urban housing renewal and homelessness, among others topics. She was the founder of HousingLab, a laboratory for urban innovation in housing and Community Toolkit which aims at designing, planning communities and supporting their growth.
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