Tuesday 6th October

e-Session 7: Making Results Visible

Defining indicators to measure progress of an action can sometimes be seen as a daunting task. It is however an essential step to be able to properly communicate and share about success, as well as to adapt a policy whenever needed. It can also be a great way for stakeholders to coordinate and work towards common achievements and to get results. After this session, monitoring and evaluation won’t have any more secrets to you!

The e-session will be split in two parts:
- 10.00 (CET): plenary with Béla Kézy
- 11.00 (CET): Working Groups (exclusive for local stakeholders from the networks and e-Facilitators)

The links to join the e-session will be sent to participants via e-mail, just before the session. Please keep in mind that the Zoom personal log-in is necessary to join Working Groups. If you are a part of Working Group and have not received the personal link, please contact the support team: ueu2020@cecoforma.com


Based in Hungary
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Thriving Streets APN
Leading Making the Results visible on Tuesday 6th September


Béla Kézy is an urban development strategist and expert in digital economy. His activities concentrate on long-term sustainable development, digital economy, labour market development, urban mobility and promotion of equal opportunities, among others. He is the founder and managing director of MEGAKOM Development Consulting and EX ANTE Consulting (Hungary), focusing on regional and urban development and supporting European programmes and projects. Béla has been working with various URBACT partnerships (RomaNet, OpAct, TechTown, TechRevolution), using participative methods to identify good practices and to promote transnational exchange and learning. He was a Lab Manager at the URBACT Summer University, both in Dublin and in Rotterdam.
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