Thursday 17th September

e-Session 2: Engaging stakeholders

Who are the relevant stakeholders for your URBACT Local Group? How can you get them involved in your project? This e-session will focus on the concept of participation. To succeed with participatory policies, engaging with the right stakeholders is essential. Participants will be provided with tools to identify these stakeholders, learn how to involve them and build a collaborative group. The e-session will be split in two parts:

- 10.00 (CET): plenary with Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse
- 11.00 (CET): Working Groups (exclusive for local stakeholders from the networks and e-Facilitators)

The links to join the e-session will be sent to participants via e-mail, one day prior to the session. Please keep in mind that the Zoom personal log-in is necessary to join Working Groups.
If you are a part of Working Group and have not received the personal link, please contact the support team:



Based in Germany
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Genderedlandscape APN
Leading Engaging stakeholders on Thursday 17th September


Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse is an urban researcher, consultant, and author focusing on facilitating the development of inclusive, co-produced cities. Her work spans a diverse range of topics, including urban commons, intermediate and adaptive reuse of vacant buildings, participation of underrepresented groups and gender equality in urban policy. Her activities concentrate on the intersection between social research, public policy, and citizen empowerment in cities with the goal of creating better urban policy through actionable research, goal-oriented analysis, and more diverse stakeholder engagement.

#urbancommons   #genderequalcities&development