Tuesday 29th September

e-Session 5: Generating and Co-creating ideas

Once a problem is identified and common objectives are agreed upon, the next step is to design solutions. In order to get the most out of the collective intelligence of a group of stakeholders, facilitation is key! This session will focus on how to build effective and efficient group collaboration, creating a safe space for the involved people to think outside of the box and find a consensus about the actions that should be taken.

The e-session will be split in two parts:
- 10.00 (CET): plenary with Eileen Crowley
- 11.00 (CET): Working Groups (exclusive for local stakeholders from the networks and e-Facilitators)

The links to join the e-session will be sent to participants via e-mail, just before the session. Please keep in mind that the Zoom personal log-in is necessary to join Working Groups. If you are a part of Working Group and have not received the personal link, please contact the support team: ueu2020@cecoforma.com


Based in Ireland
Current Lead Expert of the URBACT Resourceful Cities APN
Leading Generating & Co-creating ideas on Tuesday 29th September


Eileen Crowley is a planner specialised in regional, strategic planning and development, she is also a project designer. Her work consists on identifying, developing and converting opportunities for regional development solutions into funded implementable projects, as well as managing the design, the implementation and the funding of European projects. Eileen is an experienced external expert and evaluator for the European Commission. She has spent 16 years working in local & regional government, 3 years in academia. She also founded the Ascent Creative Consulting, specialising in development grant preparation, management, facilitation and evaluation.
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